Avon Group's laboratory and manufacturing facility at Maerdy produces stem and gasket seals used in the manufacture of aerosols and pumps that safely dispense a huge range of liquids and gases.

The company, which has its headquarters in Bristol, invested in new plant before the onset of the crisis and as a result, it has been able to meet a huge surge in global demand for sanitisers, cleaning products and soaps.

This investment in sophisticated, automated production equipment and quality monitoring systems has enabled the company to scale-up output to meet the unprecedented increase in orders.

Avon Group, established in 1979, is now the largest manufacturer of aerosol valve and stem gasket seals in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Quality has not been compromised despite the huge increase in capacity as rigorous testing shows that across the industry, the company continues to achieve unrivalled CPK values for inner and outer dimensions.

“The products we manufacture are used in literally billions of household and industrial aerosols,” said Kevin Harrop, group operations director.

“The Covid-19 pandemic sparked a sudden, massive increase in global demand for these products, but as a result of significant innovative investment we have been able to meet this demand by successfully gearing up production and not compromising on quality or delivery lead times.”