Seiki AIR delivers a host of newly added features, live data capture functions and display options that provide users with tools for an integrated, collaborative and controlled approach to the production process. The latest features include a digital batch card, weekly order promise screen, first-off inspection traceability, user notification controls, administration of parts and operations, and shop-floor performance dashboards.

A versatile role-orientated solution, Seiki AIR provides users in any production environment with the flexibility to make fast and informed decisions. The software gives manufacturers a combined view of resource and production activities in a single, multi-functional, information-rich workspace. Notably, the interface has been designed to be uncluttered, role-adapted, and easy to navigate, making it easy for users to carry out daily tasks and track progress towards performance targets.

As well as rapid implementation, Seiki AIR uses industry machine connectivity, and seamless, configurable integration with ERP/MRP/APS systems to deliver live, dynamic end-to-end connectivity and visibility of all production operations. Running on almost any smart device, the software supports increased mobility and higher levels of operational flexibility.

“Our aim is to help companies take a lean approach to improving their manufacturing operation by offering a solution coupled with a high level of support from a single source,” says John Davis, managing director at Seiki Systems. “Seiki AIR has been designed to give all manufacturers a fast and affordable entry point into digital manufacturing with a system that provides out-of-the-box core functionality, and is quick and easy to install. We’ve applied more than 25 years’ experience, building on the success of previous versions, to create a faster, easier and lighter solution that will give users valuable, actionable insights into their manufacturing activity and performance.”