The Mark3D Group is a group of companies based across Europe, with offices covering Germany, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. It specialises in providing sales, service, consumables, training and consultancy for the complete range of Markforged 3D printers.

On top this award, Mark3D GMBH was named "Global Partner of the Year" by Markforged. This is the fourth year running it has won the award.

This confirms Mark3D as the largest Markforged reseller worldwide and there are plans to continue growing in all areas. Says Ian Weston, managing director of Mark3D UK: “As well as increasing our headcount to keep pace with growth, we are also actively opening offices in countries where we don’t have representation.”

Founded by Greg Mark, Markforged surprised the world a few years ago with revolutionary 3D-printing technology that allows material reinforcement through continuous carbon fibres. This makes it possible to produce highly stable functional parts and prototypes within a very short time, on a desktop machine.

The portfolio was then expanded by the X series, offering a bigger bed and even more precision for industrial components.

The latest development from Markforged is the Metal X, a 3D metal printer designed to support the mass adoption of metal printing.