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Historic locomotive manufacturer set to close


Historic Leicestershire-based locomotive manufacturer Brush Traction is set to close after more than 150 years in business after US owner Wabtec said the site was "unstainable" - putting around 300 jobs at risk.

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Sheffield Forgemasters adopts pioneering cobot


​Sheffield Forgemasters has adopted pioneering collaborative robotic (Cobot) assistance for Foundry operatives, dramatically reducing exposure to vibration, improving safety and increasing productivity within its ...

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Bodor reports strong sales of 10 kW machine


Bodor reports that its sales figures in the “fiercely competitive” 10 kW laser cutting machine market hit a new high, achieving a cumulative global sales volume of 400 units of 10kW+ equipment at the start of 2021.

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Dave’s the Go2 man for Seychell


​Bicester-based Seychell Engineering & Fabrication Limited (Seychell) has appointed a new operations manager, as the firm begins to roll out a major investment in training and equipment following its acquisition by Go2 ...