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Essentra upgrades to electric machines


​Essentra Components, the global manufacturer of essential industrial components, has embarked on a multi-million pound, long-term investment programme to upgrade its hydraulic injection moulding machine portfolio to ...

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Process efficiencies keep knifemaker at cutting edge


Engineers from the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) helped the ‘Aston Martin of the knife world’ explore new cutting technologies and develop process efficiencies for its handcrafted ...

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AMRC perfects the art of micro-machining


The Queen’s head has been micro-machined on to a piece of brass by engineers at the AMRC using cutting tools so small they are barely visible to the naked eye. The machined portrait, measuring just 1.4 mm, is so tiny ...

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EMO 2017 heading for a record


With less than a year to go to EMO Hanover, Germany – 18-23 September 2017 -- more than 1,700 exhibitors from 40 different countries have booked a stand area totalling 152,000 sq m.