International business at Lantek continues to grow, today constituting 86.3% of turnover. The countries of greatest significance for the company in terms of revenue are currently Germany, Italy, the US, France and China. In the UK, double-digit growth was also achieved, despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

Rob Powell, UK commercial director, says: “I’m pleased to have achieved any growth in such a politically uncertain year. The 14.1% we achieved overall is a good result. Of particular note, Q4 was up 30% on the previous year, which makes us optimistic for 2020.”

In the case of South Korea and France, an increase of 30% has been achieved in each territory. Germany attained notable gains of 26%, while Mexico, Turkey and Poland also increased their turnover, exceeding double digits.

“For yet another year, we have registered close to double-digit growth, which has enabled us to achieve record sales figures,” confirms Alberto López de Biñaspre, Lantek CEO. “This demonstrates the stability of our business, thanks to our international market penetration, the growth of our installed client base and our portfolio of products and solutions. In turn, this stability allows Lantek’s business to develop sustainably, while maintaining a solid financial position, which means that we are able to face the growth in demand implied by the new challenges of Industry 4.0.”

In terms of business areas, the company's commitment to digitalisation has been reflected with an increase of 24.7% in the Lantek Solutions Division. Furthermore, the sum dedicated to research, development and innovation was around €2.96 million in 2019, which constituted an increase of 15% compared with the previous year.

As is now traditional, the company presented its performance at IM2020, an international meeting that, every year, gathers together 170 of Lantek's employees both from Spain and its international offices. The IM is also the backdrop for defining business objectives that will reinforce the organisation's strategy and roadmap for the coming years.

This edition of the meeting, held at the Europa Congress and Exhibition Hall in Vitoria-Gasteiz, was particularly special as it featured speakers such as Bart Farrell, talent manager for VeGlobal. It took place over three days, divided between seminars and work groups.