According to Holroyd, the TG350E rotor grinding machine is rapidly making a name for itself as the preferred choice among industrial refrigeration specialists. There are currently around 70 TG series machines in use around the world and, each year, Holroyd typically receives orders to build several new TG models.

“Jaguar Compressors continually strives to enhance the performance and energy efficiency of its screw air compressor products,” says Holroyd regional sales director Steven Benn. “With the ability to precision grind medium-to-large capacity rotors of up to 350 mm in diameter and 1,795 mm in length, the TG350E model offers a versatile, high-quality solution to Jaguar’s varied production requirements in producing screw compressors for a variety of applications, including precision filters, gas storage tanks and refrigerated dryers.”

An additional advantage for users of Holroyd TG series models is that a significant amount of production time can be saved as each machine’s diamond dressing discs are able to continuously dress during semi-finishing cycles. By contrast, cutting tools typically require periodic regrinding, the frequency of which is determined by the materials and volumes being cut.

Designed primarily for the finish-grinding of helical screw components after they have been milled to a rough or semi-finished state, Holroyd TG series machines are just as suited to prototyping and batch manufacture as they are to volume production. Fully automated on-machine probing provides closed-loop feedback of corrections to the dresser disc.