The system is said to be so cost-effective that it enables Total QA through the integration of tens of devices onto a production line, where once there could only be one.

Image: Inspekto co-founders Yonatan Hyatt, left and Harel Boren

Inspekto is a German industrial company “with Israeli DNA” and backed by businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company says it is “out to reshape the machine vision sector by introducing the first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Vision Category”.

Says Inspekto, whose European HQ is in Heilbronn, Germany: “Before 2018, this history of industrial vision is one of captivity. The manufacturer, the end user and the quality assurance manager are all confined within the barriers of old non-autonomous technologies, that force them to use a systems integrator that develops a hard-engineered solution, with camera providers, lens manufacturers, lighting providers and software companies.

“It is a long history that is captive to the need for the systems integrator to develop a proof of concept and complex solutions, which could take six months or even more, and then present them to the QA manager on the shop floor. From the moment they are installed, non-autonomous QA solutions require expert-attention for almost any little change on the production line, such as changes in lighting conditions, product handling and the like.

“Because of this, machine vision is always expensive, always tailored only for its original application and always entirely integrator dependent. In contrast, the Inspekto S70 can be plugged in with your morning coffee and it can be live and inspecting product on the line by lunchtime.”

The S70 can set up using only around 20 good product examples. There are no bad products required, so companies don’t need to teach the system about faults, annotate images nor train it in any way. It self learns, self teaches and self-adapts.

In addition, there is no need to set parameters, to create lightning environments or hire AI experts. The only tool firms need to make the system work is a mouse. Users simply draw a polygon around the product and any areas of interest. The S70 does the rest.