Until now, the couple of dozen Halter installations currently operating in these markets were supplied either directly from the Continent or via various CNC machine tool dealers in the UK.

Halter's business development manager Rik Peer explained: "1st MTA is the first formal sales agent we have appointed in Britain and we expect a majority if not all future sales to be through them. However, if a customer wishes to continue an existing association with a supplier, there is flexibility in the arrangement to accommodate that."

Renowned for the reliability of its systems and for providing a high level of after-sales support, Halter was established as recently as 2014, although the engineering expertise of its founders and staff spans many decades. Nearly 95 percent of Halter customers across 25 countries report a return on investment within 18 months for their automation systems, with some saying it is as short as five months.

Peer concluded: "Halter LoadAssistant systems are compatible with nearly all makes and models of CNC lathe and mill of the relevant size. As they are fitted to such a broad range of globally manufactured machine tools, we were keen to find an independent agent that nevertheless had in-depth knowledge of the industry.

"We believe we have found that company in 1st MTA, with its long experience of supplying bar feed automation for lathes and a wide variety of workholding equipment and other accessories for both turning and milling."