General Fusion has partnered with Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to lease a 60,000 square foot facility for its new headquarters at the airport on Sea Island, with the intention to begin relocating before the end of 2021. This relocation will allow the company to more than quadruple its workforce over the next few years.

Backed by the Canadian, UK, and US governments, General Fusion is globally recognised for its practical and economical approach to creating fusion energy. Fusion is the only zero-carbon firm power solution that can address the world’s growing energy demand while fighting climate change.

As the company prepares to power homes, businesses, and industry with clean energy, its new facility will provide space for a new demonstration prototype that will provide essential performance validation and operational data supporting the commercialization of its Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) technology.

General Fusion's new headquarters will anchor the company's operations as it also expands to the UK and in the US The facility near YVR will host the company's corporate offices, its primary fusion technology development organization, and many of its engineering laboratories.

Governments around the world are investing in General Fusion to help transform their energy systems and achieve aggressive timelines for producing net-zero carbon emissions.