Available in the UK through ITC, BIG Kaiser entered for the award through Boulland DPM, BIG Kaiser’s partner in France. The award’s production performance category highlights innovations focusing on the significant improvement of key metrics or performance through productivity gains.

Giampaolo Roccatello, head of sales and marketing at BIG Kaiser said: “We congratulate and thank Boulland DPM, and are delighted that the EWA and its pioneering role towards Industry 4.0 implementation has been recognised with this prestigious award.”

The EWA is an intelligent, fully automatic fine boring tool that does not require human intervention. It achieves fast, accurate boring because the process does not need to be stopped to check measurements or manually adjust the fine boring tool. As well as saving time, this minimises costly scrap resulting from manual adjustment errors.

The new EWA features a powerful motor for robustness and reliability. It is sealed against dirt and water in accordance with IP69. The clamping system provides additional stability and repeatability to deliver consistently high reliability and precision at cutting speeds above 200 m/min.

Jose Fenollosa, head of research and development at BIG Kaiser said: “The EWA is far ahead of the rest in its level of automation and sophistication. This gives our customers real benefits in terms of time and money saved and this makes it ideal for Industry 4.0 applications. We are talking to potential customers now, including some of the leading machine tool manufacturers. The final EWA product will be available in 2020.”