The investment was made during the height of the pandemic outbreak. Says Nick Furno, Ferrositi’s managing director: “Ever since the company was created in 2012, we have invested in multi-axis machine tools as a route to improving our productivity, operational efficiencies and competitiveness.

“We serve and operate in a number of global and highly competitive sectors and industries, such as aerospace, oil and gas, automated and special purpose machinery, plus high profile architectural projects.

“Central to our success in these, and other sectors, has been our ability to machine high-quality components and deliver them to customers on time, every time and within budget.

“The multi-axis machines we have at our disposal make us more efficient and enable us to make complex high-precision parts quicker, in fewer machining operations and, often, in one set-up. We are always on the lookout to add to, and strengthen, our front-line machining resources.”

The decision to invest in the Doosan SMX 2600S was made in April, with installation in May, and represented both the first Doosan purchase by the company and its first mill-turn.

Says Furno: “The Doosan SMX 2600S complements our existing machine tool portfolio. Both Doosan and Mills CNC have good reputations in the market and, when I was informed that a mill-turn machine was available immediately from Mills CNC stock at a good, competitive price, I was interested.”A subsequent visit to Mills CNC saw the decision made.

He concludes: “We have had the machine for about four weeks and, during this quieter-than-normal period, are spending time familiarising ourselves with its operations, functionality and its latest Fanuc control.

“Already we can see and appreciate that the machine is powerful, fast, flexible and accurate. We are particularly impressed with its rigidity, ergonomic design and thermal stability.

“Using a single set-up, the SMX is capable of performing multi machining processes. As a consequence, this means we can reduce production bottlenecks and limit stop-start operations.

“The SMX will help us consolidate and grow our position in existing supply chains and sectors, as well as helping us to spearhead our move into new sectors and industries, such as machining components for the food processing and medical sectors.”

The 13” quick-change chuck Doosan SMX 2600S is a roller linear guideway multi-axis machine equipped with left and right opposing spindles (26 kW/4,000 rpm), a 240 ° B-axis milling spindle (26 kW/12,000 rpm), Y-axis capability (+/- 150 mm), a servo-driven ATC (40 position) and the latest Fanuc 31i control.