The accurate yet robust Quantum has been tested to withstand harsh shop-floor environments, delivering both portability and ergonomics. When combined with the Faro Blu laser line probe or the Faro Prizm laser line probe, the device becomes a class-leading 3D laser scanning system, says the company.

Faro exhibition staff will be performing practical demonstrations to prove that the Quantum ScanArm (said to be the world’s first 8-axis portable CMM) is suitable for companies seeking an efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly inspection system.

Also being demonstrated at Southern Manufacturing will be the Faro Laser Tracker Vantage, a high-accuracy laser-tracking device with a large measurement range. Boasting features such as MultiView cameras, SmartFind target detection and TruADM, this robust Faro product boasts a water and dust-resistant IP52 rating.

Last, but not least, Faro’s TracerSI laser-projector system will also be showcased. The TracerM accurately projects a laser on to a surface or object to provide a virtual template. This projected template allows operators and assemblers to quickly position components with confidence.