As one of the only companies in the northwest to cut and bend up to 10 m lengths, Concept Metal specialises in fabricating larger items for a range of different industries, including highways, rail, nuclear and waste management.

Dean Barnard, general manager at Concept Metal Products, says: “Being able to provide a larger scale of laser-cutting capabilities to our customers and a range of industries is a huge benefit to us. It’s great to be able to offer these services with the high level of efficiency and precision that comes hand-in-hand when working with Kimla machines.

“As this is our third laser-cutting machine investment, we needed a machine able to manufacture long parts as this is something only we can offer in the northwest,” he adds. “Combined with our LVD tandem press, which is capable of forming parts up to 9 m long with first-bend depth up to 605 mm, the additional Kimla laser cutter will assist in boosting this area of the business.”

Bradley McBain, managing director of MBA Engineering, says: “As the UK agent for Kimla, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers by finding them the perfect machine to suit their needs, and can create bespoke models where needed. This is another example of how we deliver solutions to match a company’s business strategy, rather than simply supply an off the shelf solution.”