A 3,500 square meter production hall is currently under construction, which will be available for use starting in autumn 2014. This will allow the company to increase its production capacity by a factor of 2.5, compared to the previous business year. Concept Laser's new development centre has already begun operations this year to further consolidate its position as a technology leader and expand its process and system technology expertise through innovation. Forty-five machines have already been ordered in the first half of 2014, compared to a figure of 31 for the previous year. This is equivalent to growth of 45 % over last year. And turnover has increased by 100 %, compared to the previous year, thanks to the growing number of large systems being sold, says the company. And customers from the first half of 2014 reads like a 'who's who' in these industries, according to Oliver Edelmann, head of sales and marketing. They include customers from the service sector, such as the FineLine division of Proto Labs (USA) and Fr. Aussieker (Germany). FloMet LLC (USA) represents the tool making industry, while Stomus (Russia), Dentware AB (Sweden) and Dentes Fräszentrum (Germany) are important customers from the dental sector. "In particular, it was the aerospace industry, with customers such as Honeywell (USA), NASA (USA), Lockheed Martin (USA), Premium Aerotec (Germany) and the German Aerospace Center (Germany), that contributed to the strong growth of sales figures," Edelmann explains. The figures were revealed at an event where the company was honoured as being among the 'Best 50' companies by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.