Bosses are now appealing for other businesses to support their efforts by helping to source material that is currently hard to find or not of the right quality, assistance with product specifications and identifying healthcare facilities in need of this vital safety equipment.

Eiko White, director at Blackman & White, says: “We have all seen the terrible stories of our heroic doctors, nurses and care workers fighting the Covid-19 virus without the right PPE.

“It’s heartbreaking and we wanted to try to do what we can to help in some small way. Our team looked at the machines available to us and which products we could design and manufacture from scratch, starting with a visor but with the possibility to follow-up with other much-needed PPE.”

She continued: “We can easily make 300 per day, but we are struggling to source the right quality material - this is where we need help. 1mm polycarbonate or 1 mm acetate are the big stumbling blocks.

“Our customers, who have been quick to come forward and offer their assistance, have been making do with alternatives, but supplies are drying up and, inherently, the costs are climbing. If we can get access to the right material, we can hopefully do our bit to protect NHS and care workers on the frontline.”