The Aqua-Save range, comprising the Junior and Ultra products, has been developed for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water, including wash water from parts cleaning equipment, coolant and dye penetrant, reducing the need for expensive off-site treatment and disposal.

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, explains: ā€œIā€™m pleased that our new website for Aqua-Save is now live, which showcases how we can provide cost-effective machinery to recycle and treat industrial waste water. Aqua-Save complements any new wash machine acquisition brilliantly and the new website is an excellent informative and visual guide on our water treatment system.ā€

The Aqua-Save system can be added to any aqueous wash system to sustain pristine wash and rinse quality. Greatly reducing the need for water changes and effluent disposal, the Aqua-Save maintains optimum process performance, reduces downtime and satisfies environmental demands for recycling and waste reduction.