As manufacturing projects continue to scale up in the Midwest and Southcentral US (both in terms of volume and tolerances), demand for comprehensive metrology solutions to support these projects is increasing as well. To match their shared company visions of helping manufacturers be successful and profitable, API and QTE are bringing their areas of expertise together.

API and QTE have been serving customers in every manufacturing industry (from Automotive to Aerospace to Oil and Gas and more) for more than 60 combined years, providing high quality dimensional metrology equipment, software, and services.

This partnership brings all of those resources under one roof, including API’s state-of-the-art Radian Laser Tracker series, and QTE’s technical expertise across several major software platforms. For both companies, the partnership, was a natural fit.

“API is very customer focused and that fits with our company values,” said Jason Quinn, president of QTE. “Being privately held is important to maintain that concept as a priority, especially compared to the competition. We saw the opportunity to simplify the process for customers by having a one stop shop for local technical expertise on hardware and software.”

“QTE has been a valuable support partner for us for years on the software side, so we have seen firsthand their industry experience and technical expertise in manufacturing metrology,” said Ron Hicks, API’s Vice President of North American Sales and Services.

“That experience gave us great confidence that they could provide boots on the ground support for our products and the very important work taking place in Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Southern Illinois.”

API’s equipment is available for demonstration and purchase throughout QTE’s network effective immediately.