Automation and ease-of-use are key requirements for digital CAM systems operated by dentists and dental technicians. To meet these needs, Amann Girrbach supplies customers with fully integrated Scan-CAD-CAM-CNC solutions that are pre-validated for a large range of dental indications and materials.

Pre-validation places extra demands on the CAM part of the workflow because the CAM software needs to be adapted, tested and validated, not only for each new milling machine, but also for each indication and material supported by the Amann Girrbach systems.

Falko Noack, vice president of research & development at Amann Girrbach explained: “Our business model is based on complete, all-in-one systems that enable dental experts to fabricate dental indications quickly and easily without having to worry about configuration and programming.

"ModuleWorks fits this model perfectly because they supply not only the CAM software but also custom development and integration services according to our needs. This enables us to offer the latest high-precision production technology as part of a customized, all-in-one digital dentistry solution.”

The ModuleWorks Dental CAM software combines high-performance multi-axis toolpath calculation with a dental tool library that supports a comprehensive set of dental cutting tools and materials which ModuleWorks and Amann Girrbach continuously customize and validate for new machines and materials. The ModuleWorks software also provides the required level of automation.

Taking CAD geometries as input, it automatically calculates collision-free toolpaths and outputs the NC file which is automatically sent to the milling machine. No specialist CAM knowledge is required. Operators only need to enter the dental parameters and click “Run”.

"Amann Girrbach has a clear strategic vision for the market and understands the needs of dental experts. This enables our R&D teams to work together in a very structured yet agile way to rapidly create a large portfolio of innovative dental CAM features. We look forward to a continued successful cooperation and further developments in the technology”, said Soroosh Eghbali, head of digital dentistry at ModuleWorks.