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Wind farms expected to attract


The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) and the Government are predicting that some 8 GW of wind turbine generating capacity, equivalent to some £6 billion of investment (¤ 8.7 billion), will be coming to the UK in ...

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Productionise toolmaking


The Gauge and Toolmakers’ Association (GTMA) is leading the Europe-funded Fastool project. The emphasis in Fastool is on automation that can be applied to existing facilities and machinery layouts in a step-by-step ...

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Look after what you’ve got


Focus on developing indigenous skills and companies, says South Shields-based Ford Component Manufacturing’s Geoff Ford. In his view, “the Government stands accused of training people beyond necessity and, in some ...

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Bending: the rules


Fabrication is not always straightforward, when presented with a drawing for a sheet metal component that includes a series of bends, to know which technology is best suited. And while batch quantity, component ...

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Sheet metal advances


In the small town of Hixon near Stafford, two sheet metal companies have each stepped up their capability through advanced production equipment,the first of its kind to be installed in the UK. One application marks the ...

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Making it in Britain


At 40 years of age, John Harper pondered his pension prospects: there and then he decided to rethink his priorities. That same day he mentioned to a senior management colleague, Steve Price, that he had made up his mind ...

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A380 ‘bathtubs’ get tripod technology treatment


Machined using novel ‘tripod’ technology, the first Airbus A380 ‘bathtub’ wing component has been delivered by EADS Military Aircraft, Augsburg, Germany. The part will be supplied to the new ‘West wing’ at Airbus UK’s ...

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AMPlifying potential


Yorkshire Forward’s vision for the future of manufacturing is beginning to take shape on reclaimed land that was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. According to Yorkshire Forward – arguably the most ambitious ...

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Testing the limits


Mercedes-Ilmor, Brixworth, Northants counts machine tool maker Mori Seiki as one of its manufacturing technology partners (others include Charmilles, Iscar and Renishaw). Indeed, so good is the relationship that Mori ...

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Advantage, Citizen R04


Following trials in Switzerland, Citizen’s new R04 sliding-head lathe, confirms its advantage over cam-driven machines. For a watch pinion, the 3/16 in (4 mm) capacity R04 delivered a cycle time of 19 secs versus a ...

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Clusters — the answer?


Government and its agencies are overtly driving ‘cluster’ creation or nurturing those that already exist. According to Michael Porter, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the most ardent ...

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Speaking up for The South


Gary Ramsey envies bodies such as the North West Aerospace Alliance, because: “They have raised the profile of the North of England’s aerospace capabilities, and are successfully selling them on an international basis."