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In search of one


With 1600-plus exhibitors spread across over 20 individual halls,there was plenty to see at last month’s EMO held in Milan from 21 to 18 October

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Rate rise in the round


Interest rates rose in the UK for the first time in 45 months earlier this month. From a historic 48-year low, bank base rate is now set at 3.75 per cent

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Money or skills shortage?


We keep on reading about a continuing skills shortage in UK manufacturing, especially at the craft and technician levels. Indeed,the Government’s recently published ‘21st Century Skills – Realising Our Potential’ ...

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The ‘100 per cent’ machine


Mill-turn lathes are a common enough site these days,but a mill-turn machining centre is far from common: and that is Eikon’s innovation unveiled at international manufacturing technology show EMO in Milan last month

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Keep on running


“It’s all about feeding the monster,” says David Holley, team leader for EDM and CNC jig grinding at FSG. And the ‘monster’ in this case is a recently installed EDM automated cell comprising Agie Innovation 2 die-sink ...

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Wise workholding


With more than 50 years’ experience in the development and supply of chuck and workholding solutions to users across the manufacturing spectrum, not many components can surprise Leader Chuck Systems

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Rolls-Royce aero-engine innovation gets a boost


Announcing £17.3 million in DTI funding for a new civil aerospace research programme for Rolls-Royce in Derby, Industry Minister Jacqui Smith hailed innovation as “crucial to a sustainable manufacturing base for the ...

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Top of the food chain


Airbus’ A380 superjumbo is due to take its first flight in 2005. It challenges Boeing’s 30-odd year dominance at the largest end of the commercial aircraft market. If its impact within the planemaking industry is ...

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Military satellite order to support 1900 UK jobs


The British-based Paradigm consortium has been awarded a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract for a military satellite programme that will create or sustain some 1900 jobs across the UK. Defence Procurement ...

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Production toolmaking


Wheelie bins, plastic chairs, ballcock valve arms, composters, car foot mats, automotive bodywork mouldings, TV surrounds, car wheel arch inserts: all fall within the territory that Mason & Pinder inhabits. The ...

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Wind farms expected to attract


The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) and the Government are predicting that some 8 GW of wind turbine generating capacity, equivalent to some £6 billion of investment (¤ 8.7 billion), will be coming to the UK in ...

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Productionise toolmaking


The Gauge and Toolmakers’ Association (GTMA) is leading the Europe-funded Fastool project. The emphasis in Fastool is on automation that can be applied to existing facilities and machinery layouts in a step-by-step ...

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Look after what you’ve got


Focus on developing indigenous skills and companies, says South Shields-based Ford Component Manufacturing’s Geoff Ford. In his view, “the Government stands accused of training people beyond necessity and, in some ...

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Bending: the rules


Fabrication is not always straightforward, when presented with a drawing for a sheet metal component that includes a series of bends, to know which technology is best suited. And while batch quantity, component ...