The use of additive manufacturing (AM) is growing and West Yorkshire-based Wayland Additive will add something to the market with the launch of a new innovative metal AM machine and process that is set to add value and opportunities to manufacturing applications when launched next month.

Machinery was given a look at the new AM machine Calibur3 that uses the firm’s self-developed neutral beam (NeuBeam) technology – during a visit to the Huddersfield-based start-up last month.

After three and a half years developing the technology, the company was formed in August 2019 from a team that came from the semiconductor industry and looked at conventional metal AM processes and felt it could do better.

The global AM market is estimated to have been worth £12 billion in 2019 and forecasted to triple in size over the next five years, meaning endless opportunities.

“Wayland wants to build long-term relationships built on dedication and trust, providing products that bring added benefits to customers,” explains chief executive officer Will Richardson.

“All our machines that are delivered will be project-based, with specific targeted applications or material usage and the material development kit can be added to the production machine.

“Wayland engineers will be working closely with operators to ensure maximum benefit of the technology. Commitment will be required to be part of the program, with goals established, while educational placements will be accepted, but need to be application driven.”

The company is funded through a combination of Innovate UK money and investment management funds.

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