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Technology trade-up


Progressive investment in ever more productive manufacturing technology has been a theme at companies both large and small.

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Light: fantastic


The answer to both saving energy and yet boosting efficiency lies in matching intelligent lighting concepts with the appropriate lighting components.

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Barfeed bonanza


Every good CNC lathe deserves a good barfeed; and there are products aplenty available, as Machinery reviews.

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MACH 2008 preview


MACH, the UK's bienniel manufacturing technology event, will be held at Birmingham's NEC from Monday 21 April through to Friday 25 April. This is Machinery's first preview of the upcoming exhibition.

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Feed me right


Barfeed systems help improve productivity, throughput and quality; but they must be matched to the particular needs of the turning operation.

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More time at the bar


Almost 85 per cent of barfeeds are sold with new machines so the selecting the right model for the task can be tricky, considering that you’ve never even switched on the lathe you are buying, let alone seen it cut metal ...

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Preset for productivity


Not a new technology, indeed, probably one taken for granted, but presetters continue to offer the advantages of low machine setting times plus consistency of performance in the case of milling tools where tip position ...

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Raising the productivity bar


An automatic lathe without a barfeed is like a cart without a horse – the question is which one will gallop and which will barely trot? Machinery reviews current technology.