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Energy sector invests to satisfy demand


The demand for power shows no signs of letting up. Steed Webzell reports on a positively vibrant energy sector, for manufacturers prepared to invest, that is

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WNT and XYZ get together


Metalcutting tool specialist WNT and XYZ Machine Tools have teamed up to establish a tooling/machine tool demonstration showroom in Sheffield. Andrew Allcock reports

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Sandvik Coromant previews developments ahead of EMO


Sandvik Coromant threw open its Swedish HQ's doors in June to highlight a number of key developments that will take centre stage at the forthcoming EMO in Hanover, Germany (19-24 Sept). Andrew Allcock was there

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Horn’s tooling technology treats


Cutting tool specialist Horn hosted a series of technology days in May, pitched as 'where theory meets practice'. Steed Webzell travelled to Germany to hear more

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Cutting tools in action


Slashing cutting times at a paper machinery maker; a move to burnishing that has eliminated subcontract grinding; and an electric golf trolley maker that machines as a mark of quality, Andrew Allcock reports

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Military machine


Andrew Allcock has seen inside BAE System's new multi-million pound titanium machining facility for the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter – JSF). Here is what he discovered (extended online version)

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Set for success


All machining operations should begin with precise setting of tools, but many are ignoring this fundamental practice. Steed Webzell reveals why this can be a costly error

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Abrasive approaches


Tool grinding specialist Raynor Tool Services has boosted its businesses rapid turn-round credentials with the installation of another Walter Helitronic tool grinding machine. Machinery reports

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Clear cut choices


As the bedrock for all successful machine shops, milling operations are subject to ongoing scrutiny from cutting tool vendors. Steed Webzell reviews the latest innovations

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Chasing material development


Trial and error engineering, surrounded by a cloak of secrecy is the way a key tooling supplier describes the current scenario of providing a solution to the machining of composite materials. Machinery reports

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The creation of knowledge


Andrew Allcock was at a recent information dissemination event for a Technology Strategy Board-backed project looking at micro-machining. He reveals what new knowledge has been generated

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Calculated savings


Andrew Allcock heard Sandvik Coromant's detailed reasoning behind its approach to boosting UK manufacturing's competitiveness – maximising throughput and economic tool life

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More power to you


Key investment continues to drive the energy sector supply chain as sub-contract machine shops vie for competitive edge. Steed Webzell reports

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Ready for composites?


The arrival of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner at the recent Farnborough International Airshow was a reminder to UK subcontractors to prepare for the demands of this new era in manufacturing, as Adrian Fitts, WNT (UK)'s ...

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Innovations in the USA


Andrew Allcock reviews some of the more notable and relevant-to-the-UK product unveilings of the recent IMTS exhibition, held in Chicago from September 13-18, America's biennial manufacturing technology show [extended ...