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Cutting credentials


ITC solid carbide cutters provide smooth finish for sign writer; Walter Tiger.tec Silver and Tiger.tec carbide inserts support forging milling; WNT tools and Tool Service cut it for progressive subcontractor. Andrew ...

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Threading thoughts


Andrew Allcock reviews some established threading techniques, highlighting latest thinking and underlining the strengths and applications for modern thread forming, thread milling, thread whirling and thread cutting

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Behind the scenes


WNT is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. High quality tooling, direct sales to SMEs supported by technical staff, and first class customer service backed by next-day delivery are its hallmarks. Andrew Allcock ...

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Perception problem


Think Fenn Tool is a specialist supplier for niche tooling requirements? You're not alone, but it simply isn't true, explains the company, which wants to put the record straight. Andrew Allcock went to hear more

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Milling titanium


Cutting tool expert Iscar explains the difficulties in machining titanium and describes a solution – trochoidal milling. Andrew Allcock reports

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Competence partner


Anniversary celebrations, UK headquarters refurbishment, a fresh corporate strategy, plus new product and service offerings – all were part of a recent Sandvik Coromant event. Andrew Allcock was there

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Seco Tools - on being different


Seco Tools (UK) is setting out to differentiate itself from the pack. Andrew Allcock visited to hear more from the company and how it intends to deliver this message (extended version)

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Trending in vending


Steed Webzell assesses point-of-use vending, discovering there is growing interest in such systems when it comes to consumables such as cutting tools

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Autosport manufacturing made easy


Complex parts, tight tolerances, difficult materials? Nothing a trip to Autosport 2012 won't resolve. Steed Webzell previews the main attractions

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Southern Manufacturing 2012 preview


Steed Webzell previews Southern Manufacturing 2012, which has grown to become the UK's largest regional manufacturing technology and subcontracting exhibition (with video links)

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Effective cuts - cutting tools in action


An across-the-board tool analysis programme at A.I.M shows Iscar delivers; the elimination of material variation issues through Horn DD drill satisfies Paragon's needs; plus latest product developments. Andrew Allcock ...