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Tool management for the SME


Tool vending, which at its base level is no different from selecting a chocolate bar from the machine in the canteen, is a cost-effective method of providing 24-hour access to tools, with software taking the place of ...

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Ice cold in Mansfield


Cryogenic Treatment Services, Mansfield has been set up to bring a process discovered in the 1800s in Scotland – cryogenic processing of metal – back to the UK. (Most applications to date are in the US.) And cutting ...

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Cut-and-dried technology


Some 10 years ago a programme began to review the possibility of developing cutting tools, which would be suitable for dry machining. Today the programme is ongoing and although not perfected, tool manufacturers and end ...

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Bidding for what?


Treating cutting tools like a commodity and focusing solely on their price is a bad and narrow pursuit, which ignores savings through improved cutting tool performance

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It’s a small world


Micro-machining, small parts machining, ‘Swiss’machining – the terms may vary but the theme is common – the dimensions involved are tiny. Applications, particularly in the medical, electronics , IT, telecommunications ...

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Productivity up 400 per cent


In initial tests on the milling of 42CrMo4 annealed steel, a WKP35 carbide grade Xtra.tec insert demonstrated a 400 per cent productivity increase when compared to a competitor’s carbide grade alternative. And when ...

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Modular savings


One of the greatest challenges facing companies involved in metal cutting is increasing the productive cutting time of machine tools. One answer, according to tooling supplier Kennametal,is to switch to modular ...