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Preset for productivity


Not a new technology, indeed, probably one taken for granted, but presetters continue to offer the advantages of low machine setting times plus consistency of performance in the case of milling tools where tip position ...

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Service gives the best edge


When all tooling products are good, what differentiates them? The level of service relating to application support and the speed with which they are delivered.

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Buffett backs winning culture


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway investment vehicle has acquired Israeli cutting tool maker Iscar Metalworking Companies (IMC). <i>Machinery</i> asked IMC president Jacob Harpaz to explain in more detail.

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Cutting edge recycling


As the world price of tungsten carbide soars, so cutting tool manufacturers are increasingly turning to recycling of carbide tips. Manufacturers are variously building recycling plants and launching customer focused ...

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Heat-shrink tightens its grip


Believe it or not, it’s now over 10 years since initial heat-shrink systems became commercially available, a fact corroborated by Graham Horwood, managing director of Gewefa UK. “Since we showed our first heat-shrink ...

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Salesman or consultant?


Supplying inserts is no longer the game. Process consultancy is the lead activity, explains Sandvik Coromant’s Andy Smith, senior manager – marketing

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Threading with confidence


A change of tooling has slashed cycle times and allowed lights-out running for a 316 austenitic part at Peter Day Precision ngineering.

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Press-and-go in Cornwall


Rigibore is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of both standard and special precision cutting tools. Its global distribution network functions from offices in both the UK and USA. Specialising in boring ...

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Service – secret of success


Distributor, manufacturer or service provider? The perception of cutting tool supplier WNT here in the UK is probably that it is the first, but the company is majority owned by cutting tool manufacturer Ceratizit, while ...

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History begets innovation


The newest name with the longest heritage; that’s the billing South Korean cutting tool maker TaeguTec likes to give itself. Why? Because Korea Tungsten Company (KTC) – TaeguTec’s ancestor – can trace its involvement ...

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Tooling rethink


Based on a unique polygon connection, Coromant Capto offers exceptional rigidity and perfect angular rotation and there are now more than 25,000 machine tools around the world equipped with this Coromant solution

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Well-connected spindles


While plenty has been written about the business end of toolholders – the part that actually holds the cutting tool – the other end, the spindle connection, is often overlooked, even though its impact on productivity ...

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Secret knowledge no more


The number of manufacturing processes that remain the bastion of skilled operators is slowly but surely diminishing. For though technology will never be a direct replacement for knowledge and experience, the days of ...

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Borderless manufacturing


It’s a far cry from a traditional engineering workshop. Unimerco’s new UK headquarters is a radical departure for an industrial plant on these shores. Custom built, it is modelled on the ‘roofed village’ concept ...

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Get into the groove


Like all production cutting tools, new developments are driven by demand. If there is no interest from the marketplace for new grooving products then the tooling companies will not bother to waste valuable time and ...