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Making carbide tools


A tour of the carbide powder/insert factory was the highlight of Paul Horn GmbH’s Technology Days Open House event in June. Will Dalrymple was there

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Design twist


A feature of its latest drill development, Dormer Pramet’s Continuously Thinned Web (CTW) technology provides a performance boost and aids effective regrinding. Machinery explains

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Hot wired


What is the role of EDM wire, what types are available and for what applications? Steed Webzell talks to the major players to find out

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Changing the game, again


Andrew Allcock heard how Seco Tools has bettered the performance of its Duratomic inserts, introducing its largest insert launch ever in what the company is calling a game-changer

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Peddling high-tech kit


Andrew Allcock details bicycle parts maker Hope Technology’s unusual manufacturing philosophy and explains how cutting tool specialist WNT (UK) is both helping to make and benefiting from its components

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Haas Automation's service ethic


America’s Haas Automation Inc has an ambition to double turnover to $2 billion within five years. Here in the UK, the company’s longest serving international distributor aims to continue its history of growth, too. ...

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Online data and more


Following the October 2014 <a href="" target="new">article on cloud computing</a>, Andrew Allcock reviews Kennametal's cloud-based offering in more detail. It is not just a source of ...

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Cloudy outlook promises benefits


Andrew Allcock investigates the emergence of 'cloud' solutions for CNC programming and cutting tool data provision. Within the last year, there have been very many developments, he discovers (extended version)

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Briefing - Trochoidal milling’s time is now


The time is now right for trochoidal milling to make a major contribution to improved milling efficiency, argues Wayne Whitehouse, general manager of Mapal UK. Andrew Allcock asks him to explain

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Tool edge preparation – wet blasting


Tools require a precise cutting edge, if optimum accuracy and longevity are to be achieved. Wet blasting offers a powerful method of creating precise cutting edge profiles to within a few microns, explains Tim Berry, ...

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CBN tooling expertise - Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal


Andrew Allcock travelled to Germany, to be the first European journalist to visit Sumitomo Hardmetal's European Design and Engineering Centre, following its official opening 18 months ago. He heard about the company's ...

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Tool presetting for beginners


Andrew Fulton, managing director of Zoller UK, explains the virtues of modern tool presetting techniques, for those unfamiliar with this innovative, time-saving and cost-effective technology (online-only feature)

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Made of sterner stuff - composites machining


Machining composites takes resolve, ingenuity and, of course, the supporting manufacturing technologies. Steed Webzell rounds up the latest developments in this evolving segment