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Case file: Overnight express


A subcontractor has standardised on WNT tools, benefitting from the tooling supplier’s application expertise, while also adopting particular operating procedures to underpin secure unmanned overnight rough milling.

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Showmanship: MACH 2016 review


The biennial MACH exhibition is the UK’s number one manufacturing technology showcase. Machinery tracked down new launches for its June ‘Launched at MACH’ supplement, but offers these early observations on the event as ...

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Walter's way


Innovation is a major business focus of the Germany-based cutting tool maker that strives to match the tool to the process context: doing so takes into account both cutting strategies and machine tool parameters

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Cloud cover


Cloud-connected tooling data has been with us for about three years. Machinery reviewed developments as they appeared, but looks again at this area as yet another initiative is announced. Andrew Allcock journeys through ...

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Managed savings


Lancashire-based precision engineering company Erlson Precision Components has improved cutting tool stock control, technical support and procurement, courtesy of MSC Industrial Supply

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Double savings


Incentives are available to help cut energy, water and air usage, driving down related utility and environmental costs in parallel. Will Dalrymple investigates

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Training to succeed


Successful machining isn’t just about having the latest cutting tool; you also need the requisite knowledge to get the very best out of the technology, as Lancashire-based Pneumatrol discovered

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Filtermist - cleaning up, globally


Andrew Allcock visited Filtermist’s modern new factory in Telford and learnt how the company is quietly going about further multiplying its turnover from its new base

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Drilling issue resolved


Magellan Aerospace needed a solution to counter poor tool life when drilling a range of lithium aluminium aerostructure components. Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal obliged

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Interface choice


Sandvik Coromant details torque and bending considerations for spindle/toolholder interfaces, citing independent research that compares some well-known designs.