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More than just money


Barton Cold-Form’s managing director reflects on the West Midlands Accelerate initiative. It’s not just about the money, he says.

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Pressing ahead


Black country press shop. What’s the image that springs to mind? Well you probably don’t link it with leading edge pharmaceutical products, but that link has very definitively, and purposely, been made by Clamason ...

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Strategic, no longer tactical


Make/buy decision, supply chain consolidation, global markets, OEM focus on core competencies, and recognition that the value chain doesn't stop at the factory door, mean that a purely tactical approach to ...

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Smart moves at Bowmill


Bowmill precision had just four days to accomplish the removal, relocation, installation and commissioning of 24 machine tools and install four new Dugard Eagle vertical machining centres, while maintaining a ...

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Top quality standard


If you are a manufacturer of aerospace parts and you employ unconventional processes such as EDM or impact finishing, expect the be touched by Nadcap soon - the increasingly common international aerospace quality ...

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Clean-sheet facility


DCM Products has set up a new, lean facility in Coventry with new equipment and new employees to combat low-cost competitors. Managing director Nigel Stokes explains the thinking.

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Machine and people power


Latest machine tools, yes, but don't forget the people. Manthorpe Engineering, Ripley, Derbyshire makes sure it attends to both. It's a winning formula.

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Distant shores


There is an ever-growing contingent of enterprising sub-contractors in the UK establishing manufacturing facilities overseas. Machinery takes a closer look at who's moving offshore and why.

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Deep holes and more


Premier Deep Hole Drilling, St Albans, is the UK’s largest independent deep hole boring/honing operation, claims managing director and owner Stuart Grant. But deep hole boring/honing is “a finite market”, he declares. A ...

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India: low-cost for how long?


For many people, the India outsource image is one of call centres and software writing. A re-reading of Machinery’s recent news pages reveals more. India has ambitions in low-cost parts manufacture and, less like China ...

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Hemlock assembles for direct-to-line delivery


Following the setting up of four lean assembly cells at its Stapleford, Nottingham sub-contract manufacturing facility, Hemlock Engineering will be producing 19 completed units a day for direct-to line assembly

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Rapid response wins OEM orders


When Ian Northcott and Tim Bayliss set up Coventry-based Turned Parts Warehouse on the back of a long-term Nissan contract for 400,000 turned body parts per year, they didn’t know that rush jobs for volume car builders ...

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Special tooling beats off international competition


The design and development of special purpose tooling for maintaining close tolerances on critical tooth profiles has enabled APT, Leicester to win a major contract to supply conduit connectors for a leading aerospace ...