Sub contracting / Supply chain

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Going global in Leeds


The pursuit by Texas, US-based Lone Star Fasteners to expand its operations has most recently resulted in the opening of the new Lone Star factory in Leeds, this following UK-based acquisition/merger activity.

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Investing in a future


Milltech Precision Engineering has come a long way in a short space of time. Founded in 1993 by Geoff Plummer, the company was subject to a management buy-out in 2004,a move that has served to catapult the company to ...

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Secure trade


A new, voluntary trading scheme designed to improve security in the transport of goods will affect manufacturers in international supply chains, whether they do or do not export or import directly.

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Control or inspect


Manufacturers are fully familiar with the alternatives of establishing and then regularly monitoring a capable process to assure output quality, or of inspecting products after the event to capture failures. Well, the ...

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New dawn at Carlton Laser


Having doubled floors pace to 34,000 ft2, Carlton Laser Services has populated its additional area with shrewd investments, making it one of the most progressive UK sub-contract fabricators.

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No standing still


When precision sub-contract machinist Unicut Precision based in Welwyn Garden City acquired the loss-making sub-contract turning company A J Clarke (Automatic Machinists) of Bourne End, Buckinghamshire in December 2005, ...

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Tooled up for multi-tasking


Multi-tasking machine tools require complementary tooling systems. Sub-contractor Oxford Engineering has implemented such a system and has witnessed benefits.

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Millennium woman


A recently set-up Black Country presswork company is thriving, having spotted a business niche; it is headed up by 25-year-old Anna Stevenson.

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Worthy of note


There's still room in the UK for 'traditional' industries such as pressworking and coldforming. But success is more about strategy and vision than investing in latest technology, it seems.

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First 6 kW laser lands in UK


Just five years ago, a 3 kW laser profiling centre was considered powerful. Making rapid evolutionary progress, 4 and 5 kW variants set new benchmarks. However, the installation in November 2006 of a 6 kW Bystronic ...

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Virtual gets real


The UK’s first installation of Amada’s Virtual Prototype Simulation System (VPSS) has been made. Taking automation to new heights. Around 30 VPSS suites are functioning in Japan, but the first system outside Japan has ...

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5-axis software secrets


High quality, often automated 5-axis machines, yes, but know-how captured in its own CAM software is where Turbocam has its differentiator.

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Investment pays off for go-ahead sub-contractor


Di-Spark Group's managing director David Light has changed his company out of all recognition over recent years. Investment in leading edge technology together with customer focus have been pivotal. But it wasn't all ...

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Black gold rush


China and India are driving global demand for oil as they grow their economies and compete with the UK's manufacturing sector into the bargain. But this country's oil equipment manufacturing sector is a beneficiary, as ...

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Capacity in Cornwall


Rather than resign itself to the fate that has befallen many manufacturing firms in Cornwall, WES and a group of other small engineering companies, is fighting back.