Sub contracting / Supply chain

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Work still to be done


The creation of a group of nine sub-contractors working together to win new business for the group and each other has been underpinned by the West Midlands Accelerate initiative. With the initiative's future uncertain, ...

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Centres of attraction


Ease of programming on the one hand and high tech 5-axis on the other, Machinery examples some recent machining centre investments and their benefits

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A picture of health


The strength of the medical sector over the past decade has delivered a new niche in which many machine shops now flourish. Machinery reports

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Decision time


Mollart Engineering set up its Welsh facility in 1998 to service next-door-neighbour TRW with volume components. It didn’t work out like that, as Machinery reports.

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Competing cleverly


Renishaw probing is the foundation on which two companies, one a mould tool maker another an aerospace sub-contractor, have built smart manufacturing. But it is not the only technological element, as Machinery discovers.

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Making it big


Today’s heavy engineering is very much hi-tech, encompassing everything from power generation and oil exploration, through to yellow goods, large machinery and aircraft wings.

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Turning to technology


Hunting Cromar, based in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, is part of Hunting plc, an international firm involved in the oil and gas industry. Since its purchase by Hunting plc, Hunting Cromar has experienced rapid growth and ...

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Arabian attraction


Oil demand and price are soaring, and investment in oil production is booming. One Scottish sub-contractor has moved closer to the action, setting up in Dubai.

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Strength in aluminium


Mouldmaking is dead in the UK, right? Wrong! Dudley Associates has successfully built up a service offering around the fast delivery of high quality aluminium tooling.

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The science of engineering


You’d expect to find a WFL mill-turn machine in a large OEM’s works, but UK sub-contractor AE Precision is WFL’s smallest customer to date world wide for such a machine. It's just part of this company's scientific ...

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Global marketplace


The Internet lexicon already boasts global, household brands such as eBay, PayPal and Amazon; appears keen to join this exclusive club, at least as far as recognition in the global manufacturing community is ...

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Footprint strategy


Manufacturing Footprint Strategy – making the right things in the right places – is not simply a glamorised version of outsourcing, offshoring, restructuring or of locating production in emerging markets, emphasises the ...

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A generation of achievement


In October last year, Nick Groom took over as managing director at sub-contractor Qualiturn. Just prior to the handover, founder Bernard Groom gave this account of his company’s progress.

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Global sourcing


MCT Mitchell Cotts, a specialist in the remanufacture of engines and gearboxes for automotive OEMs, uses online sourcing tools from to find suppliers globally for obsolete components and for the hundreds of ...

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Better than standard


Formed component manufacturer Goss Components is using ISO/TS16949 as a springboard to even greater things.

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Informed engineering


Glasgow-based Castle Precision Engineering is run by a man who is part of an entrepreneurial family with an enviable record of success. IT is a crucial element.