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Surprise discovery: profile of MNB Precision


Andrew Allcock visited Coventry-based subcontractor MNB Precision and was positively bowled over by this small, third-generation-managed family-owned company’s sophisticated business management approach that is seeing ...

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EDM case file: height advantage


Bedfordshire subcontractor Anotronic was looking for increased workpiece height when it replaced two older Sodick machines with one Sodick AG600LH Premium machine from Sodi-Tech EDM (024 7651 1677).

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Changing everything


In 10 years, honing expert Delapena has actually travelled many decades to arrive at the success it is today, in terms of its current machine tool technology, in-house working practices and service offerings. Andrew ...

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Case file: Overnight express


A subcontractor has standardised on WNT tools, benefitting from the tooling supplier’s application expertise, while also adopting particular operating procedures to underpin secure unmanned overnight rough milling.

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A little help from my friends


For mutual support, some small manufacturers are coming together to form collective networks. More tightly joined than trade associations or social groups, but having fewer formal ties than sister companies, they show ...

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Birth of a challenger


Described as a cross between an F1 car, a fast fighter jet and a space ship, the project to build the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge car has begged, bought and borrowed componentry from motorsport, aerospace ...

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Turn on and tune in


Today, sensors sprinkled around a factory watching process variables – temperature, runtime, vibration – can be strung together in a data network. The right computer hardware and software can weave those streams ...

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Growing innovation


A public-private initiative aims to support and encourage small aerospace supply chain companies to develop new technologies. The deadline for the last project outlines is in May

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My life with lasers


Although laser profiling may be a commodity now, its popularity depends on the work of innovators in the 1980s and 1990s who brought the process into the mainstream. David Lindsey, founder of subcontractor Laser ...

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No castle in the sand - 3D printing supports casting


There's a real buzz around 3D printing these days – the production of plastic or metal parts by fusing layers of material, driven from 3D CAD data. But that most established and traditional of processes, sand casting, ...

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Subcontractors show their success


Andrew Allcock reviews recent business developments in the subcontracting sector, finding that a number of successful companies are building on that to deliver yet more success