Sub contracting / Supply chain

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eAuctions – friend or foe?


With thorough preparation and understanding of the process, the eAuction can become an efficient and effective tool to win new business, offer access to new geographies and industries, while providing direct market ...

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PLM theory in action


PLM’s benefits include the decrease of engineering development lead time and cost, improved product quality and performance, plus reduced IT operational costs among geographically dispersed design teams and business ...

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Price or partnership?


Balancing the best price with a quality product that is delivered on time is the golden rule of supply. Northern Precision, which last year sold in excess of 40 million fasteners, has the answer to most fastener ...

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Aerospace race


A new report on the future of the UK aerospace supply chain says we’re increasingly losing out to low-cost countries in the race to supply machined components

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CNC outpaces cam


CNC technology has been challenging cam autos for years, gradually impinging on this traditional machine tool area. In cases of falling batch sizes, the fast change-over for CNC machines has had the edge for some time, ...

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‘Sectorism’ and clusters


Aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive, all are identifiable sectors and all have their respective representative bodies around which the sector companies, often located in clusters, can rally and on whose behalf ...

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Sweet smell of coolant success


Jefferson Engineering Services has saved over £10,000 in the 18 months since it installed Rocol’s Tri-Logic metalworking fluid system

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Tunbridge Engineering gets horizontal boost


Tunbridge Engineering, Low Moor, West Yorkshire has replaced a vertical machining centre with a Heckert CWK 400D horizontal machine to boost output of bearing housings and turbocharger housing

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Toyoda FMS makes small batches pay


A Toyoda FMS comprising Fastems automated storage and retrieval system for machine pallets and raw casting stillages linked to three Toyoda FH55S horizontal machining centres is making small batches pay for CNC Speedwell

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Software maximises capital spend


Two contract manufacturers have both recently installed software to leverage their previous capital equipment purchases. Target Precision, a specialist supplier of precision turned parts up to 32 mm diameter and ...

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Beyond honing


Back in 1997 the name Hone-All Precision said it all. But by then the Dunstable-based subcontractor had already identified that a combination of rising transport costs and increasing pressure to reduce lead times was ...

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Offshore benefit


IMI’s 50 per cent increase in product development over the last three years was supported by funds released by offshore manufacturing