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Mind the (skills) gap


Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has unveiled at Norton Motorcycles the first of 15 Technical Academies across the UK. Steed Webzell went along to see the initiative officially unveiled

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Thinking local: Faro opens UK metrology service centre


From June, the 1,800 Faro Technologies products installed in the UK can be serviced in Rugby. The service and calibration centre offers repairs, recalibration and recertification of Faro arms, Vantage laser trackers and ...

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Finding a great deal to fund a new machine


Here’s a riddle: what’s the last part of a sale, but the first part of a delivery? The answer is financing, and it is what makes the difference between having to save up for a machine and having one delivered now. Will ...

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Turn on and tune in


Today, sensors sprinkled around a factory watching process variables – temperature, runtime, vibration – can be strung together in a data network. The right computer hardware and software can weave those streams ...

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Inside DMG Mori's UK service operation


DMG Mori is concentrating effort on top-quality service in the UK as it combines the best of the DMG and Mori spares and services systems it has inherited.

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Experience for hire


Andrew Allcock speaks to one of the UK's leading independent trainers and CAM programmers, Gardner CNC, about the company's history, business and services

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Massive Middle East machinery move project


TW Ward has completed a massive manufacturing plant relocation exercise, in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, involving 67 machines, it is the largest such project it has so far undertaken. Machinery reports

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Global service ambition


It may not appear to be anything special, at the superficial level, but Konecranes' acquisition of a number of UK machine tool service operations is part of a global push. Andrew Allcock reports

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First class upgrade


Rebuilding or retrofitting are cost-effective ways to lift productivity: after all, everyone enjoys an upgrade. Steed Webzell reports

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Rebuild, revive, repair


Gloucestershire-based SPP Pumps has recently invested £300,000 in a project that included fitting a Heidenhain iTNC 530 to a refurbished CNC vertical spindle gantry mill. The project not only reduced cycle times by more ...

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Second time around


For modest outlay, rebuilding or retrofitting new controls to a tiring shop floor favourite can provide enormous benefits.

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Changing but constant


Typically, the mechanics of any machine tool will long outlast its control and drive systems. However, when retrofitted with the latest CNC technologies, the reliability and availability of the machine is improved, as ...