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You have data: use it


There is a host of data contained within a CNC control system that can provide important information on machine tool performance, the cutting process, and the part being machined. This data can be used for all sorts of ...

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Top quality standard


If you are a manufacturer of aerospace parts and you employ unconventional processes such as EDM or impact finishing, expect the be touched by Nadcap soon - the increasingly common international aerospace quality ...

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In-process and in vogue


In-process measurement on machine tools seeks to reduce or eliminate the extra time and handling associated with CMM-based part verification. And coordinate and machine tool metrology is now an NPL Dimensional Metrology ...

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Protocol’s aims made clear


AIMS (Advanced Integrated Mathematical System) is an open-architecture technology developed by The Boeing Company in the US and Metronor Group, Norway, to improve collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers. It is ...

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Extreme measures


Maintaining process capability is something that becomes more crucial the more valuable the part under process, and also where the rate of production does not permit either afterthe- event inspection to confirm ...

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CMMs – where does the oil go?


Hands up those who know their CMM maintenance schedule requirements? Are you sure? Hexagon Metrology, Telford, undertook a simple experiment during a recent seminar to find out how many of the participants did

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Zero defects in sight


The French Meister factory manufactures electric valve parts for automobile equipment manufacturers that specialise in ABS braking systems. Over 20 multi-spindle lathes produce 120,000 parts every day, representing a ...

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Vision: who needs it?


Almost every company that cares about quality can and probably should use vision as part of its quality assurance operations. It has become absolutely essential in industries such as the semiconductor and electronic ...

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Marked for life


For many companies, particularly bluechip OEMs and their first tier suppliers, product and component identification throughout a manufacturing process has become a vital and indispensable part of quality control, ...

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Got your number


According to US-based business consultancy AMR Research, cost and productivity initiatives by the world’s vehicle manufacturers aim to shift up to 45 per cent of warranty liability tosuppliers whose part numbers were ...

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Measurement on the move


Launched in 1984, the Faro Arm today has 8,000 users worldwide, with some 600 installed in the UK. Faro is now the fourth largest measurement technology company with sales of $100 million and growth rates of 30 per cent ...

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Probing freedom


Any error in measurement when using spindle-held probes affects positional accuracy; causes a loss of repeatability and can lead to a fall in productivity, a reduction in parts quality and even scrap. After all, the ...

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Beyond progressive


Ever heard of Formaplex? Not yet maybe, but in less than 10 years Formaplex could be a term widely used in manufacturing circles to represent manufacturing excellence/efficiency just as kaizen, high-speed machining or ...

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Portable optical CMM/ software agreement


Leica Geosystems’ Metrology Division has signed a global software licence and collaboration agreement with Metrologic Group. It means Leica Geosystems’ Metrology Division will supply portable CMMs with MetrologXG as ...

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LK’s ‘soft’ sell strategy


LK’s new business strategy is becoming tangible following the launch of its Camio Studio 4 software and related announcements