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Better than standard


Formed component manufacturer Goss Components is using ISO/TS16949 as a springboard to even greater things.

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A shot in the arm


Instant, mobile, reliable and verifiable: just some of the reasons supporting the growing take-up in measuring arm technology.

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Control or inspect


Manufacturers are fully familiar with the alternatives of establishing and then regularly monitoring a capable process to assure output quality, or of inspecting products after the event to capture failures. Well, the ...

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Secure trade


A new, voluntary trading scheme designed to improve security in the transport of goods will affect manufacturers in international supply chains, whether they do or do not export or import directly.

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Metrology solutions


Name the top three metrology suppliers in the UK. Well, the first two are pretty easy, but after that you are likely to struggle. But Metrology Direct’s managing director, Mike John, believes his company takes that ...

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Still touch and go


While scanning probes and non-contact probes have attracted recent headlines, the most common form of measurement probe – the touch probe – is still evolving.

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Breaking the myth


TESA - “Top quality calipers, micrometers, bore gauges and height gauges, but expensive”. If that is your perception, then it is wrong. Yet it is still a common misconception, says TESA Technology UK’s general manager, ...

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Millennium woman


A recently set-up Black Country presswork company is thriving, having spotted a business niche; it is headed up by 25-year-old Anna Stevenson.

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Quality through and through


A technology that is commonplace in medical fields has now found a use in the metrology area. Zeiss heralds it as “measurement revolution”, but it is a technology that most people will have heard of, although not in the ...

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New CMMs for old?


A software retrofit for mechanically reliable CMMs can bring modern CMM benefits at a fraction of the price.

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Innovation in profile


Baty has married 2D profile measurement with vision, thrown in a patented, novel measuring reference system to come up with a new type of inspection device for 2D profile measurement purposes.

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Quick off the mark


Laser part marking is driven by traceability and quality issues. And increasing demand for the process has spurred innovation in the equipment used.

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Measured strategy


The GTMA Metrology Section has set out on a new strategy following the appointment of a new chairman.

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Make it right; make it simple


Two ex-Renishaw employees have set up GS Productivity Solutions Ltd to drive up UK firms’ productivity and quality, and deliver a competitive edge. But ‘Make it simple’ is the mantra.

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Large measures


If you need to measure to microns but on large workpieces/structures, or over large distances, then laser trackers and even GPS systems are de rigeuer. Machinery provides an overview of this still unfamiliar territory.

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Industry must measure up


With the opening of its new southern technical centre in Swindon, during August, Hexagon Metrology simultaneously announced its intention to help drive up the measurement skills of those in UK manufacturing. The ...