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Portable optical CMM/ software agreement


Leica Geosystems’ Metrology Division has signed a global software licence and collaboration agreement with Metrologic Group. It means Leica Geosystems’ Metrology Division will supply portable CMMs with MetrologXG as ...

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LK’s ‘soft’ sell strategy


LK’s new business strategy is becoming tangible following the launch of its Camio Studio 4 software and related announcements

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Getting the measure of quality


While business is beginning to flow in the right direction again for many UK manufacturing companies, the fact remains that the marketplace has shrunk in recent years. For companies trying to address this situation ...

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For the one in 10


Ejector seat manufacturer Martin-Baker relies on accurate and repeatable manufacture of high-quality, complex components that simply can’t afford to fail. And it’s using CMM and machine tool probing to do it

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‘Go/no go’ still relevant


According to Jonathan Tate,metrology manager at control and inspection specialist ACI (Europe):“The co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) is in many ways being challenged,not solely because in repetitive inspection ...

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Equipped for new AQAP?


The new AQAP 2000 series of standards will apply to MoD and NATO contracts placed from 1 April 2004 – but excluding software until mid-2005. In the UK,the MoD can be considered to be the 'ultimate customer'. It makes ...

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Probing:why not?


Heidenhain (GB) estimates that only some 10 -15 per cent of vertical machining centre users in the UK use spindle probing. Add to that the fact that even those that have them are under-utilising them, says the Burgess ...

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Zeiss targets UK aerospace


Zeiss’s new Technology Centre at its Industrial Metrology Division in Rugby underpins the company’s aerospace ambitions. Dr Rainer clearly believes the UK to be a centre for the aerospace industry and that is ...

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Probe properties pondered


According to itp, experience in the field when continuous contact scanning aluminium with high point density – on engine cylinder blocks, for example – has shown that the conventional ruby or ceramic aluminium oxide ...

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ISO project to deliver 3D surface parameters


The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is working to improve 3D surface measurement. The approach taken is to characterise the main properties of a surface based on the way the surface affects its performance ...