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Continuing innovation at Group Rhodes


​On the wall of the boardroom at the company’s headquarters is a patent grant dating from 1859 for “improvement to steam hammer” – Joseph Rhodes, as the company then was, went on to make steam hammers from 1862. That ...

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At full stretch - stretchforming of wing leading edges


Nottingham-based Aero Fabrications has made a multi-million-pound investment in setting up a new stretchforming operation. It is a one-of-a-kind UK facility that employs leading-edge technology to produce wing leading ...

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EMO 2017 - Industry 4.0 gains momentum


This year’s edition of biennial show EMO returns to Europe’s manufacturing technology heartland, Germany, with the six-day event kicking off on 18 September at its usual home, the Hanover show ground. Andrew Allcock ...

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Solid efforts


A 2,000 m2 forming scale-up centre for industry and academia scheduled to open in August is just the latest development of a Brunel University London institute that wants to change the UK’s industrial supply chain ...

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Large titanium part casting at AMRC Castings


Following recent investment at AMRC Castings, the UK has gained a unique resource for research into the manufacture of large structural titanium castings for the aerospace sector. The realisation of a commercial ...

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No castle in the sand - 3D printing supports casting


There's a real buzz around 3D printing these days – the production of plastic or metal parts by fusing layers of material, driven from 3D CAD data. But that most established and traditional of processes, sand casting, ...

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Subcon 2011 - Drawing the crowds


This year's Subcon exhibition, NEC Birmingham from 7 to 9 June, looks set to be the best yet for British exhibitors, say the organisers. Andrew Allcock reports

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Shakespearean tragedy avoided


West Midlands-based Shakespeare Forgings (01384 632420) was facing a bard-like tragedy until investment from India rewrote its future. Michael Richards reports (Extended online version)

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Better than standard


Formed component manufacturer Goss Components is using ISO/TS16949 as a springboard to even greater things.

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Worthy of note


There's still room in the UK for 'traditional' industries such as pressworking and coldforming. But success is more about strategy and vision than investing in latest technology, it seems.

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More than just money


Barton Cold-Form’s managing director reflects on the West Midlands Accelerate initiative. It’s not just about the money, he says.