Gear Production

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EMO 2017 - Industry 4.0 gains momentum


This year’s edition of biennial show EMO returns to Europe’s manufacturing technology heartland, Germany, with the six-day event kicking off on 18 September at its usual home, the Hanover show ground. Andrew Allcock ...

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Autosport manufacturing made easy


Complex parts, tight tolerances, difficult materials? Nothing a trip to Autosport 2012 won't resolve. Steed Webzell previews the main attractions

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Large gear milling - technology on the change


The production of large gears is migrating away from dedicated gear producing equipment to standard machining centres. Steed Webzell investigates the growing momentum behind the trend (includes videos)

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Oriental manoeuvres


Andrew Allcock examines the recent purchase of Precision Technologies Group by Hong Kong-listed Chongqing Machinery and Electric Co