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Wind energy offers business opportunity


The UK is potentially Europe’s largest market for wind power; it has an excellent wind resource – the best in Europe. The British Isles enjoys fully half of Europe’s wind; Germany 2 per cent. But Germany produces 18,428 ...

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UK oil and gas lead threat


The subsea oil and gas business is booming; the UK has a lead in developing and making subsea technology, but it's position is hampered by a lack of skills. Subsea UK has been set up to make sure it doesn't.

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Renewable manufacturing


Carbon Trust reckons that 20 per cent of the UK’s energy needs can be satisfied by wave and tidal power. Better still, the report states: “it is possible that a large share of the European eployment [of wave/tidal ...

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Supply chain challenge


There are currently 19 operational offshore wind farms in the world. According to Douglas-Westwood Ltd (DWL – www.dw-1.com), business research specialists for the energy sector, this translates as 327 turbines providing ...

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Slick firms mop up business


The oil and gas industry is an important part of the UK economy and Subsea UK aims to help steer UK companies towards opportunity and provide a central resource

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More power to UK wind energy supply chain


Strengths and gaps in the wind energy supply chain in the East of England and an analysis of the supply chain to the Scroby Sands offshore wind farm will both be unveiled in May

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Greenpeace backs wind and manufacturing jobs


A new report suggests that over 60,000 manufacturing and installation jobs could be created through wind power by 2020, with the North East in a particularly strong position to benefit

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Reap the wild wind


The UK has the potential to become a world leader in renewable energy generation. Our natural weather patterns and positioning off the north west coast of mainland Europe give the UK access to 30 per cent of the EU’s ...

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Manufacturing’s ‘black gold’


The recent oil crisis is a reminder of its all-pervading influence on global economic stability. Indeed, it also drives much manufacturing investment

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Opportunity in the depths


The global oil and gas subsea industry is huge, growing, and there are opportunities for contract manufacturers and equipment makers at home and abroad

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UK tidal power technology advance


Marine Current Turbines (MCT), Chineham, Hamps has successfully closed a £3.0 million equity funding deal and is to launch a programme to develop a successor to the ‘Seaflow’ tidal turbine, the world’s first 300 kW ...