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Sandvik Coromant Coropak 2 highlights


Sandvik Coromant releases products in two stages throughout the year. Andrew Allcock reviews some of the highlights from the Coropak 2 unveiling last year. Composites machining, medical, wind power plus specific product ...

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Energy drives investment


While oil and gas are still the core of the energy market, renewables are a growing element. But whatever the source, the hardware has to be made, as Steed Webzell reports

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Professional image


Machinery visited 50-man Higar Engineering and heard and saw how a world class precision sub-contractor operates. The establishment of robust processes at all levels is key, he found

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No lack of energy


Despite challenging economic conditions, global energy markets remain highly active, ensuring a busy time for the sector's sub-contract supply chain. Steed Webzell reports

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Nuclear renaissance


A third of the UK's generating capacity will come offline within the next 20 years. Nuclear power is central to replacing it, believes government. An opportunity for manufacturers?

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Profit in the pipeline


Whether oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, nuclear, wind, solar or tidal, the energy sector has never been more topical…or potentially lucrative

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Making it big


Today’s heavy engineering is very much hi-tech, encompassing everything from power generation and oil exploration, through to yellow goods, large machinery and aircraft wings.

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Turning to technology


Hunting Cromar, based in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, is part of Hunting plc, an international firm involved in the oil and gas industry. Since its purchase by Hunting plc, Hunting Cromar has experienced rapid growth and ...

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Arabian attraction


Oil demand and price are soaring, and investment in oil production is booming. One Scottish sub-contractor has moved closer to the action, setting up in Dubai.

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Going global in Leeds


The pursuit by Texas, US-based Lone Star Fasteners to expand its operations has most recently resulted in the opening of the new Lone Star factory in Leeds, this following UK-based acquisition/merger activity.

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Power play investments


Progressive manufacturers demonstrating a proven track record of investment are finding reward in the UK’s burgeoning energy industry.

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Energetic market


The renewable energy, power generation, oil and gas industries today offer considerable opportunity for UK manufacturers. The UK is blessed with an abundance of natural energy resources, including large, unexplored ...

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Black gold rush


China and India are driving global demand for oil as they grow their economies and compete with the UK's manufacturing sector into the bargain. But this country's oil equipment manufacturing sector is a beneficiary, as ...

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Fuelling growth


The current demand for oil is driven by India and China. Their economies are growing and, in fact, are posing a competitive challenge to UK manufacturers. However, the UK's oil equipment sector is a beneficiary, ...

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Wind energy offers business opportunity


The UK is potentially Europe’s largest market for wind power; it has an excellent wind resource – the best in Europe. The British Isles enjoys fully half of Europe’s wind; Germany 2 per cent. But Germany produces 18,428 ...