Mould making / Rapid manufacturing

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The future for cavities


There are initiatives aimed at making the UK’s mould tool makers more competitive, but a focus on the more efficient machining of cavities may miss the point

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Toolmaking challenge


While the UK can still be a bastion of toolmaking excellence, it is now only so for those that can offer a genuinely competitive service. One that can is West Midlands-based, £4.5 million turnover, 45-employee, Petford ...

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Knowledge is power


The Tooling and Experiential Design Initiative (TEDI) project aims to capture toolmaking knowledge to boost competitiveness. Now that TEDI has reached the half-way stage, this six-month, DTI-funded scoping study on the ...

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GTMA study to capture toolmakers’ knowledge


The GTMA is inviting all toolmakers to participate in an R&D scoping study aimed at bringing UK tool making into the 21st century by using the latest Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) techniques

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Production toolmaking


Wheelie bins, plastic chairs, ballcock valve arms, composters, car foot mats, automotive bodywork mouldings, TV surrounds, car wheel arch inserts: all fall within the territory that Mason & Pinder inhabits. The ...