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Raft of new AM machines launched to the market


The additive manufacturing/3D printing market is vibrant and new machines have arrived in the marketplace, to tap into the growing opportunities. Justin Burns takes a look at the different new AM machines that have been ...

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Nothing lightweight about lightweighting


I​n their quest to create greener and more economical components, manufacturers across many sectors are increasingly moving to lightweighting due to the benefits it brings, but this shift is also presenting some puzzles ...

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Birth of a challenger


Described as a cross between an F1 car, a fast fighter jet and a space ship, the project to build the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge car has begged, bought and borrowed componentry from motorsport, aerospace ...

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The motor of innovation


Beyond its high profile as sport entertainment, motorsport offers the opportunity to test out innovative technologies in a competitive, real-world environment. Also, the UK automotive supply chain appears to be winning ...

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Fine-tuned machine shop


Upgrading its Mazak manufacturing technology has helped McLaren Racing make its fast cars' parts faster at its Woking Technology Centre, as Andrew Allcock explains

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The racing season is here!


Steed Webzell reviews recent investment driven by the motorsport sector, an industry that remains among the UK's most alluring and lucrative

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Full throttle into 2010


Following a great year for British endeavour on the track, 2010 holds many reasons for optimism in the motorsport supply chain. Steed Webzell reports

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Professional image


Machinery visited 50-man Higar Engineering and heard and saw how a world class precision sub-contractor operates. The establishment of robust processes at all levels is key, he found

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Staying in the fast lane


It's been well reported in the media that Formula One has taken a knock at the hands of the credit crunch. However, rather than smashing headlong into the crash barriers, as some reporters would have you believe, the ...

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Technology race


Autosport Engineering takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, with trade days designated as 8 and 9 January. Machinery previews the manufacturing technology element.

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Whys and wherefores


While there's a buzz around 5-axis machining, investment in 'traditional' horizontal or vertical machining centres still pays dividends

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Expanding complexities


The increasing use of composites throws up challenges for cutting tool companies; and not only because of the diverse materials

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Network delivers composites knowledge


Launched in 2004, the National Composites Network was the first KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) established by the Technology Strategy Board and forms part of the broader Materials KTN. Although the NCN is a company ...