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A picture of health


The strength of the medical sector over the past decade has delivered a new niche in which many machine shops now flourish. Machinery reports

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Dissecting an industry


The future prosperity of the UK medical device industry seems assured. Despite difficulties accessing the domestic market and the persistent slowness of the NHS to adopt new products (which drives investment abroad), a ...

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Fit for the health market


The rise in the number of manufacturers attracted to the UK’s medical device and instrument sector can be attributed to a number of factors. First, demand is relatively constant – sickness and poor health are constant ...

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Alive with technology


The growing healthcare industry is providing challenging work in parallel with opportunity for growth to UK sub-contractors. The work demands leading edge technology and for those willing to invest, rewards follow. And ...

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Keep taking the medicine


The medical engineering sector is as busy as ever; but it's no easy ride so suppliers must use every technological trick in the book to keep those contracts. And they do.

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Earning a healthy profit


A GTMA-organised medical engineering seminar held at Agie Charmilles’Coventry HQ in November, drew around 100 interested parties, many looking for a way into this sector. And interest is growing as instanced by a new ...

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Industrialised medicine


Within a modernised NHS there is a huge role for Engineering Assisted Surgery (EAS), yet it has not been realised, despite active lobbying of interested parties

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Turned parts tutorial


Tornos Technologies UK’s general manager John Stretton highlights some aspects of medical turned parts and relevant Tornos sliding-head lathe features

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Engineering a miracle


Ninian Peckitt is pioneering radical new technologies to treat patients with facial injuries and advanced head and neck cancers because he believes that the standard current procedures, using bone and muscle to rebuild ...

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Tornos investment meets cost-down challenge


WML has purchased a series of Tornos machines, and hardware and software upgradeability was a key consideration. “With the Tornos machines, it is simple to retrofit many additional attachments and options, this is ideal ...

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Nursing an industry


Within the UK,there are currently some 50 000 hip replacements and over 35 000 knee replacements annually. In addition there are numerous other orthopaedic operations. And earlier this year,the then health secretary ...