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Manufacturing still core


Following the launch of its new strategy (see Machinery November 2006, page 16) and its positive progress (see Machinery, April 2007, page 58), 600 Group most recently successfully unveiled its new China-made/600 ...

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Stellar precision


Bedfordshire’s Cranfield University, which since the 1960s has been able to boast a long line of R&D facilities, has unveiled the latest building that adds further to its Precision Engineering Centre. The Hexagon Loxham ...

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Helping change along


Managed by Birmingham Chamber and funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Accelerate was set up some 10 years ago to help West Midlands automotive suppliers compete effectively in the world’s most demanding ...

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Showing continued initiative


I’ve been at Accelerate ( now for over 10 years and during that time I’ve witnessed everything the automotive industry can throw at you, including major factory closures, exciting new model ...

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Secure trade


A new, voluntary trading scheme designed to improve security in the transport of goods will affect manufacturers in international supply chains, whether they do or do not export or import directly.

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Go East, young man


Richard Ellis, chairman of the East of England Development Agency says it infuriates him when people say manufacturing is dead. "Manufacturing is not dead, particularly not in the East of England (Bedfordshire, ...

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The image of engineering


Hooray, somebody in the mainstream press has noticed that UK manufacturing isn’t dying. Congratulations Jonathan Guthrie of the Financial Times. He recently observed that manufacturing might have shrunk from 23 per cent ...

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Defining apprenticeships


Engineering apprenticeships have been reborn, but is anyone embracing the latest schemes, or for that matter, does anyone even know what they encompass?

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Fresh ideas without threat


Are you a manufacturer with an opportunity but without the human resources necessary to confidently take it on? An interim manager could be the answer. I've been running my engineering business reasonably successfully ...

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Powerful presence


200 members of industry drawn from the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) and the Engineering And Machinery Alliance (EAMA – of which MTA is a member) gathered at the House of Lords. It was hosted by Lord ...

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Education, education, education


The Manufacturing Technologies Association's president, Geoff Lloyd, has training firmly on his agenda. As managing director of Heller Machine Tools, Redditch, he has long been a keen advocate of apprenticeships, and ...

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Turning it up in the UK


Volume manufacturing, that is. CNC Speedwell demonstrates that it is still possible to make those parts profitably that others feel are lost to overseas, low-cost competitors. But it requires investment in technology of ...

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Graphic example


Renishaw's new Stonehouse, Glos manufacturing facility takes the Renishaw automated manufacturing philosopohy even further. It's clean, bright shopfloor and the methods and processes it applies there continue to offer ...

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Capacity in Cornwall


Rather than resign itself to the fate that has befallen many manufacturing firms in Cornwall, WES and a group of other small engineering companies, is fighting back.

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Traditional strength


Cold forming is a ‘traditional’ UK industry, one that has been under prolonged attack for years. But one company is succeeding, expanding and building a new factory.