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A little help from my friends


For mutual support, some small manufacturers are coming together to form collective networks. More tightly joined than trade associations or social groups, but having fewer formal ties than sister companies, they show ...

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This month 25 years ago: June 1991


Defence industry cuts; arms-to-Iraq shadow cast; Nisshinbo to set up manufacturing in the UK; Kitagawa Europe is manufacturing in the UK; PC control for CNC article draws comment; manufacturing representation, and more

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Birth of a challenger


Described as a cross between an F1 car, a fast fighter jet and a space ship, the project to build the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge car has begged, bought and borrowed componentry from motorsport, aerospace ...

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April 1991


Car maker supplier initiatives; designing and making machine tools; gang-tooled lathe; modular tooling; imports from India; Lords’ Committees speak for manufacturing; PCs for CNCs; SERCOS?digital drive interface and more

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This month 25 years ago: March 1991


Environmental legislation; investment boost request; Mitutoyo starts UK manufacture; Hurco in-house CADCAM development; rotary forging club; EU and national industrial policy in the news; machining centre developments

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The MACH effect


The UK’s largest manufacturing technology and services event takes place from 11 to 15 April at Birmingham’s NEC. The biennial show is an important business driver and the economic backdrop is more positive than ...

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This month 25 years ago: January 1991


Getting students interested in engineering; world-class manufacturing; cell manufacturing on the up; UK machine tool industry news; cutting tool developments; JIMTOF and Japan’s machine tool industry; subcontracting and ...

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Turn on and tune in


Today, sensors sprinkled around a factory watching process variables – temperature, runtime, vibration – can be strung together in a data network. The right computer hardware and software can weave those streams ...

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Seeing and hearing


Visitors to the inaugural Manufacturing and Engineering North East exhibition had plenty see, but additionally had a choice of some 30 informative conference sessions and workshops. Andrew Allcock and Will Dalrymple ...

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Benefits of competition


Annual event The Skills Show took place last November. Andrew Allcock attended and heard how smaller companies can become involved and benefit. He also explains the bigger picture

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Skilled for the better


Now in its third year, The Skills Show gives renewed focus to WorldSkills UK competitions, which seek to inspire youngsters and raise UK performance at international level. Andrew Allcock explains