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The Haas secret


Okay, here’s the big secret about the Haas success story: there is no secret. There is no secret because Haas will answer any and all questions about its activities. There is no secret because Haas will show you ...

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Ambition as big as the planet


If you’re going to have a plan, make it a grand plan. Well, Japanese machine tool builder Mori Seiki has such a one. The company, which manufactures CNC lathes, machining centres and grinding machines, aims to become ...

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Mikron’s metamorphosis


In any Formula 1 race, a hundred of the pistons going up and down at over 18,000 rpm will have been machined on a Mikron machining centre – that’s 10 cars. It is as good an example as any to demonstrate how this Swiss ...

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Swiss precision’s new focus


Tornos is back; that was the clear message at the recent unveiling of new sliding-head and multi-spindle machines by the Swiss firm at its Moutier, Switzerland, headquarters. The statement emphasised the company’s ...

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More from Matsuura


Matsuura Machinery plc has added three new machine tool marques to its offerings in under 12 months. First came Japanese turning machines from Murata in the second half of last year, then German vertical machining ...

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Gang of four’s philosophy


Not just another multi-product, boxshifting machine tool company with target-driven salesmen and offering patchy, generic support. In paraphrase, that’s how Paul Rhodes chief executive of newly established The ...

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Hardinge + Bridgeport = ?


US-headquartered machine tool builder Hardinge Inc acquired Bridgeport intellectual property and certain assets on 3 November last year. In the UK, Hardinge initially took on 51 Bridgeport employees, with an emphasis on ...

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Back from the brink


William Asquith Ltd and The Butler Machine Tool Co Ltd, formed in 1865 and 1868 respectively, spent over a century as intense rivals inHalifax premises little more than half a mile apart. Direct competition abated in ...

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Unstoppable growth


The builders are in again, or soon will be. At Haas Automation Inc, Oxnard California, that is. This US machine tool firm is about to add another building – number four – to boost its existing 820,000 ft2 facilities by ...

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Studer’s pioneering precision


Fritz Studer AG unveiled its new S12 machine last December at the MAN Museum in Augsburg, Germany – the birthplace of the diesel engine. And the choice of venue was not an accident because the S12 supports production at ...

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Machine tool makers celebrate


Machine tool makers around the world are seeing better business. In India, machine tool company turnover growth for 2004 of “over 50 per cent in several cases and doubling of turnover in a few others” is reported by ...

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Bystronic takes direct control of Pullmax Ltd


The Swiss Bystronic Group has acquired the two sales companies Pullmax Ltd UK, registered in Leeds, and Pullmax Scandinavia AB, Göteborg (Sweden) from the Swedish Karolin Machine Tool (KMT) AB

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Niche strategy pays off


Spain’s largest machine tool builder, Danobat Group, has ambitious growth plans – 18 per cent for the next four years, according to Group managing director Iñigo Ucin. Ambitious – Spanish machine tool industry ...

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Haas on being different


Haas’ stated aim is to deliver a consistent image and customer experience throughout Europe with the introduction of the Haas Factory Outlet approach – HFO. Some 40 HFOs are planned for Europe, expected to be up to ...