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Working together


Andrew Manly, the Manufacturing Technologies Association director general, is in favour of positive engagement and working with others.

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Emag case stacks up


Emag (UK) has plans to educate the non-automotive market about the advantages of pick-up spindle machines for flange-type work and has new machine tool designs to support its case. Some companies are already receiving ...

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Technology before volume


AsquthButler, now part of the Kingsbury Group of companies, is expanding its factory and has ambitions - but becoming a volume machine tool company is not one of them.

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Big science drives innovation


Long-term science-led machine tool and process development for optics production now finds the UK in a position to exploit a number of growing markets workldwide.

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Mazak – big, bigger, biggest


According to the Metalworking Insider’s Report ( Yamazaki Mazak Corporation is the world’s largest machine tool builder. Its turnover was almost $1.6 billion for the year ending May 2005

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Cast iron reputation


What’s in a name? Well, if it’s one that dates back to 1865 and you’ve delivered thousands of large capacity flatbed centre lathes to countries all round the world, then a lot. That’s why 46-year-old Nigel Grainger’s ...

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Hardinge revealed


“People don’t know Hardinge; people have no idea who we are.” That is the honest admission of its president and CEO, J Patrick Ervin. Perhaps what people can’t easily see is the strategy that has driven Hardinge to its ...

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Service – secret of success


Distributor, manufacturer or service provider? The perception of cutting tool supplier WNT here in the UK is probably that it is the first, but the company is majority owned by cutting tool manufacturer Ceratizit, while ...

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Big players – big news


Yamazaki Mazak, the largest machine tool maker in the world, according to Metalworking Insiders’ Report (, is spending €200 million over the 18-month period from last autumn to spring 2006 ...

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Looking for clues


At the end of the last century just five years ago, there seemed to be a trend towards the application of parallel kinematics mechanisms (PKMs) in metalcutting machine tools. That is, positioning, typically of the ...

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The ABC of XYZ


While trading is still challenging in the UK machine tool arena, some companies just don’t seem to have a problem. One such is XYZ Machine Tools, which reports a turnover of £7.9 million in the first six months of this ...

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Rotary specialist’s return


Sales plummeted to a record low in 2003. Having been put up for sale, Mikron could find few customers willing to place an order while its future was so uncertain. Rescued by a group of three Swiss investors, and with ...

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Maxcor machine empire grows


Maxcor Inc, the company which purchased the Cincinnati Lamb machine tool business recently is set to acquire the ThyssenKrupp MetalCutting Group. The Group comprises Cross Hüller with sites in Germany, England, the USA, ...

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Countering spindle growth


Thermal expansion in machine tool spindles in the z axis is a common phenomenon. Systems exist for its compensation, but they have drawbacks. A new development offers a solution

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Conveyor belt of history


The assembly floor conveyors at 200-employee 600 Lathes, Heckmondwike, W Yorks, have seen it all. The eldest has witnessed some 40 years’ history so far; it was there in the heady days of centre lathe production when ...