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Nothing lightweight about lightweighting


I​n their quest to create greener and more economical components, manufacturers across many sectors are increasingly moving to lightweighting due to the benefits it brings, but this shift is also presenting some puzzles ...

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Streamlining supply


Despite a few lean years and limited MoD opportunities, UK defence suppliers are rebuilding the UK supply chain. Will Dalrymple explains

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Who's at Farnborough 2014?


Aerospace has held plenty of work opportunities for manufacturing companies – even during the recession – but it's now to set offer even more, based on what the organisers of Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) are ...

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MTL's success is result of strategy


MTL Group is a fast growing medium to heavy fabrication specialist that has gained leading positions in construction, defence and renewables. Andrew Allcock paid a visit to its newly opened Rotherham factory to hear ...

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Foxhound – sniffing out opportunities


Steed Webzell reports on Foxhound, the remarkable new British Army LPPV that went from PowerPoint presentation to production in just 18 months, using a UK supply chain

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Military machine


Andrew Allcock has seen inside BAE System's new multi-million pound titanium machining facility for the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter – JSF). Here is what he discovered (extended online version)

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Big and proud


A recent visit to Asquith Butler, Brighouse took me back 20 years as I walked into the factory and saw the latest Star Cut 400S travelling gantry vertical machining centre on display, the historical brand and gantry ...

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Work ahoy


The UK’s two new aircraft carriers are the largest ships yet to be built in the UK. Apart from the hull sections, there is some £1.5 billion of work to be sub-contracted. Where is it all going?

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Capacity in Cornwall


Rather than resign itself to the fate that has befallen many manufacturing firms in Cornwall, WES and a group of other small engineering companies, is fighting back.

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Extreme measures


Maintaining process capability is something that becomes more crucial the more valuable the part under process, and also where the rate of production does not permit either afterthe- event inspection to confirm ...